Friday, September 27, 2019

Strategic Planning versus Strategic Incrementalism Essay

Strategic Planning versus Strategic Incrementalism - Essay Example 10 To what extent is it possible and desirable for the planning and incremental approaches to be integrated within individual organisations? 13 Reference 15 Bibliography 17 Part 1 Article 1 In the article â€Å"Of Strategies, Deliberate and Emergent† by Henry Mintzberg and James A. Waters has helped to distinguish between the two form of strategies which are said to be two ends of continuum in the real world strategies. The article points out the importance of strategy and how organisation forms strategies; the origin of the strategies has been investigated by exploring the relationship between intentions and plan and finally what actually organisation did. The article has distinguished deliberate strategies from the emergent strategies and plays a central them in the article. The paper helps to understand the complexity involved in the process of strategy formation by elaborating and refining the concepts of both the strategies. The article has helped to answer the part 2 of the assignment as it has explained the planned strategy through which effectives of the planned strategy approach can be assumed and further use to answer the relevant queries. Apart from the planned strategy and pure deliberate and emergent strategies, the article has also explained the other types of strategy which organisation might use and they are entrepreneurial strategy, ideological strategy, the umbrella strategy, the process strategy, the unconnected strategist, consensus strategy and imposed strategies. Article 2 The second article talks about the â€Å"Pitfall of Strategic Planning† which was stated by Henry Mintzberg and addressed the planning strategy to be obsessed with control both decision and strategies for the present and future, for the managers and workers and for the customers and marketers. The article has contributed in analysing the major pitfalls of planned strategic approach in a way supporting the Incrementalism strategic approach. In the article ot her forms of way in creating strategy have also been discussed, one visionary and the other form being learning. But all the three processes should work for organisation to be effective. The article stated that the planed strategic approach is highly implementable especially when the conditions or the external environment are stable. The statement supports the query as to the type of environment in which the strategic planned approach works at its best so that organisation can evaluate all the external conditions before formulating strategies in a planner and systematic manner. Thus it can be said that pitfall in planning takes place when manger do not support planning and environmental factors are not conducive in the formation of effective strategy and vice versa. Therefore pitfall of strategic planning is an article stating that not always planned strategic leads to success. Article 3 The article, â€Å"Strategic Change: logical Incrementalism† talks about the incrementali sm approach in strategic formulation and believes that strategies should be incorporated after evaluating the current environment. The article has contributed to support the incremental approach and to compare and also contrast the incremental approach from the planned strategy formulation. It has been learnt that most of the effective strategies emerge from so called â€Å"strategic subsystem† each of which tends to attacks specific issue in much disciplined way. Various organisations have adopted the incremental strategic approach such as IBM, Xerox, General Motors and others. Thus this has also contributed in the third question of second part in proving example of real companies adopting

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