Saturday, September 7, 2019

Article Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Article Report - Essay Example The sequential, evolutionary aspect of experiences over time attaches the notion of a "moving perspective" on careers. Thus, not only does it transcend organizational dynamics in the new economic, technological and social realms, but goes beyond systemic boundaries. As it is, therefore, a person’s career is a key life constituency evolving around work and time. Apart from the provision of income, work offers a sense of purpose, challenge and self-fulfillment. It is a source of interactive life challenges via social networking that often powers on creativity with a sense of identity as an end result. Quite simply, career is a life journey with either the choice of a beaten path or another to navigate (Baruch, 2004). Andolsen’s article entitled â€Å"Six Steps to Your Successful Career Path† is an informative career guide that engenders navigation principles of self-assessment, decision making and life planning towards a successful career path for RIM professionals . Notably, the multifaceted approach of the modern career training is pushing the employer to the periphery out of the mainstream control of employee-skills (Baruch, 2003). The circumstantial phenomenon leaves â€Å"expertise† as the most treasured and sought-after strategic resource by the employer (Bartlett & Ghoshal, 2002; Andolsen, 2008). With a background of â€Å"a dusty filing system†, the scarcity of the prized resource has informed a structured career path for RIM practitioners aimed at attaining relevance in an era of a digitized managerial control. In a bid to start off RIM practitioners towards the foregoing painstaking journey, Andolsen provides a useful six-step career planning framework fully fitted with self-evaluative mechanisms for a dynamic career prospects (Andolsen, 2008). Six Steps to a Successful Career Path Self-Assessment Career is essentially a vehicle for the realization of the self. More accurately, it is a vehicle through which the individu al begins a constructive conception of the self in the sense of the world (Adamson, 1997). It is no wonder, therefore, that the interrogation of the self begins Andolsen’s six-step career planning framework for the actualization of a successful career in the field of Records and Information Management (RIM) (Andolsen, 2008). Accordingly, understanding oneself entails a thorough dissection of the inner strengths and weaknesses, which includes but is not limited to personality and attitudes, skills and achievements, knowledge and learning style, values, interests and entrepreneurism. Essentially, this crucial step lays bare the physical, emotional, intellectual, motivational characteristics that define the individual and personality. Occupational Research The above mentioned traits have a direct relationship with an individual’s work competencies. It is, therefore, imperative for personal, career interests and skills profile to have a matching relationship with positions available in the job market (Andolsen, 2008). Notably, such positions surface and disappear with the trending economic and technological shifts. Thus, to prevent false starts, career seekers should remain realistic in their career pursuits by updating their jobs skills through a fast, hands-on approach to valuable information. From simple web search to job shadowing, aggressiveness may prove a valuable resource in investigating options available in line with the personal traits. Decision

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