Monday, September 23, 2019

A Model of English for International Learners Research Paper

A Model of English for International Learners - Research Paper Example Aside from using the language to facilitate the learning process, it could be used to carry out other activities successfully. Such activities include businesses, social interactions, and official meetings. According to the statistics about the relationship between language and businesses that were carried out in 2005, it was found that the use of the English language led to successful businesses. Hence, the use of the language brings about a common understanding among individuals. There are several languages that could be used internationally: French, Portuguese, German, and English. However, English has been established as the most preferable international language. According to Mauranen (2003), in the learning of English as an international language there is a variety of models that could be used to study it. The models include native-speaker model, nativised model, globish model, and lingua Franca model. All these models assist in the learning of English as an international language. They have several strengths and weaknesses and are only suitable for a learner/teacher depending on the purpose one wants to achieve. Basing on individuals’ goals, the purposes for learning the English language are different. Nevertheless, many individuals purposely learn the English language to facilitate communication at an international level. Hence, the use of English assists in understanding the academic interests for the learners: it eases group discussions among the individuals who do not share a mother tongue and provide a common understanding among the learners. ... on for using English is that most of the people worldwide have developed an interest in learning it and this has led to giving it a status of lingua franca. Lingua Franca refers to a language that is spoken as a second or third language after a people’s mother tongue. It is also referred to as vehicular. The people speaking this language use it specifically for communication with the non-natives or the natives of that particular language. There are different advantages associated with using English as a lingua Franca. Many people around the world have embraced the use of English making it easier to communicate with people from different dialects. Hence, lingua franca is viewed as the most appropriate model for use in the learning of the English Language (Ellis, 2002). This is because it facilitates communication among individuals who are from different cultures and speak different mother tongues. Using English as a lingua franca assists in the understanding of other peopleâ₠¬â„¢s culture and the appreciation of it at the same time. People from different cultural backgrounds are able to learn about each other’s culture through communication which is facilitated by the use of a common language. Thus, the lingua franca model supports the use of English language for a common understanding among individuals. The learners/users of English around the world could use the lingua franca model to facilitate communication amongst themselves and other people who are not of the same dialect as theirs. This is applicable in all countries that use English as either a second or a third language. For instance, in a country like Vietnam, which is located southeast of Asia, English has been adopted as a language that is basically used to promote understanding amongst individuals. In

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