Wednesday, September 11, 2019

John Hancock, Boston Massacre Oration, March 5, 1774 Essay

John Hancock, Boston Massacre Oration, March 5, 1774 - Essay Example enderness, what regard, respect, or consideration has Great Britain shown, in their late transactions, for the security of the persons or properties of the inhabitants of the Colonies? Or rather what have they omitted doing to destroy that security?† He also told that such event was British act of â€Å"trampling on the rights and liberties of his most loyal subjects in Americaâ€Å" and that instead of protecting it as the King should, Britain did not and as a result â€Å"Our streets nightly resounded with the noise of riot and debauchery; our peaceful citizens were hourly exposed to shameful insults, and often felt the effects of their violence and outrage† and of course, the blame is pointed against the Britons to agitate the public. Hancock was actually agitating the crowd through his speech to revolt against Great Britain although it was not obvious. He did so by citing what a virtuous government ought to be and that as citizens, John Hancock and his fellow American must support. In the speech, he enumerated how Great Britain is not this virtuous or honorable government but rather â€Å"it is to the last degree vicious and infamous to attempt to support a government which manifestly tends to render the persons and properties of the governed insecure†. This statement is a subtle way that Britain is not fitting to rule them but has rather arrogated to â€Å"have declared that they have ever had, and of right ought ever to have, full power to make laws of sufficient validity to bind the Colonies in all cases whatever† evident with the Boston Massacre. In short, this speech was designed to sow discontent against the British by pointing out how she has arrogated her powers. In the process of agitating the public, people will look for ways on how to fight Britain of which they can later provide that eventually led to American Independence. 3. How should we evaluate Hancocks oration below in light of the real events of the Boston Massacre? In your opinion, was the

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