Friday, October 18, 2019

Solving problems and making decisions Coursework

Solving problems and making decisions - Coursework Example For instance, a while ago we in the business-planning department observed that the companies have fallen out there track in one of the major business elements. Therefore, we start digging the facts to try to rectify the problems to enable reinstatement in the right path. After we identify the problems, we escalated the solutions to the management to take the decision for the problem solving. We are currently undergoing various challenges regarding our attempts to manage the flow of oil and gas production especially after the collapse in oil prices. The greatest challenge is that the business continuity, the nature and effectiveness of the staffs will help the organization in overcoming any problems. As a member of the organization, we face significant workforce challenges because of collapse in oil prices. This calls for a reevaluation of our problem cycle regime specifically as it appertains to an economic recession. The report offers a guidepost for identifying and solving problems in my organization; I sought out various guideposts to effective problem identification and compiled various solutions drawn from the best practices The falling out of the company in one of the major business elements requires a managerial team that who gather data and analyze the business element as the first step in finding the solution to the problem. Additionally, the team needs to identify some possible solutions while weighing up the advantages, disadvantages and risks of the business element in within the organization. Finally, the team needs to decide the most appropriate action to bring back the business element on track. The solutions to the problems of bringing back the business element need to gain acceptance among the administrative team through theproper analysis of the advantages, disadvantages and risks of the business element.Moreover, the team must follow the appropriate model in developing the solutions as going through various stages such as

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