Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Philosophy Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Philosophy Ethics - Essay Example Somehow, some acts are universally taken as condemnable, and people collectively abhor the corrupt behavior, and look down the people observing the same. I came across the moral corruption of some people belonging to the Middle East, where they secretly practice same sex relationships without displaying slightest tolerance for it publicly. Being one of the most religious regions of the entire globe, the Middle East maintains the reputation of the area f the fundamentalists, due to the very fact that the followers of three major faiths including Jews, Christians and Muslims reside there. The teachings of all these faiths vehemently condemn homosexuality, as it is completely prohibited according to these faiths. The Middle East states have introduced severe punishments and penalties on finding homosexual acts, and even announce capital punishment to the offenders. During my stay in Kuwait, I came to know the very reality that the Kuwaitis have imposed strict rules related to veil for women. Consequently, mixing of genders at public or private gatherings and functions are not allowed. Even the families of native people do not develop family terms and relationships between themselves. They pretend to be chaste and pious, which do not enter into social contacts with women, and thus sexual relations with them and adultery has no concern with their culture. They criticize the western societies for practicing adultery and fornication at massive scale, and thus have completely ignored the moral values and ethics from their very life. They blame the Europeans for introducing very favorable rules and laws to the people in respect of getting involved into immoral extra marital activities, which do not have any association with the Christian faith. The Arabs also maintain serious reservations about gay rights prevailing in the USA, Europe and other

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