Saturday, October 19, 2019

Pizza Hut Restaurants Chain within the UK Analysed with Marketing Mix Assignment

Pizza Hut Restaurants Chain within the UK Analysed with Marketing Mix Elements - Assignment Example After passing several phases, today the chain is one of the well-established pizza chains of the world. Pizza Hut is the world’s leading pizza chain presently operating approximately at 13,000 locations in more than 90 countries. The chain, started by only two brothers, today has links in more than 90 countries across the world with more than 30,000 employees are working day and night (Yahoo Finance). Today it is entertaining more than 171,000 customers by serving 97,000 pizzas per day in the United Kingdom alone. Financially, Pizza Hut is one of the largest pizza chains as in 2007; it sold 35.4 million pizzas in the UK. During 2010, among other companies of Yum, Pizza Hut went from worst to first in its value ratings (Yum Annual Report, 2010). Pizza Hut provides a huge variety of pizza items in different tastes and flavours which is comprised of its flagship Pan Pizza, stuffed crust pizza, Sicilian Pizza, pasta, snacks, and diversified nature of soft, hot and cold beverages. Beside these items, the chain also offers salads, pasta, and sandwiches. The new Pizza Hut branch will operate at Cambridge, therefore, in order to attract the young generation and student of Cambridge University, Pizza Hut is going to introduce ‘Youth Pizza’, one of the most appealing pizza of the company’s history. The main objectives of new Pizza Hut Restaurant are listed below. †¢ To attract the target market by producing innovative products of extra-large size of pizza and other items and make them to remain loyal with the Cambridge restaurant †¢ To collect a fairly healthy amount of revenue so that restaurant remain in competition To catch a preferable double figure profit margin To create an innovative, peaceful, respectful, and enthusiastic working environment To make and maintain strong customer relationships with local community to gain their loyalty on permanent basis 2. Pizza Hut Marketing Mix Pizza Hut will carry out its operations by introducing and developing innovative products in rapidly changing local fast food industry. The new restaurant will invest heavily in research to discover the innovative trends and demands through public surveys and questionnaire. By compiling a substantial database, necessary improvements will be done and therefore Pizza Hut will ensure that it will pay attention to its customers’ need and their demand regularly. A trend of UK customers to eat the pizza food is presented in the chart as Appendix-I while the external and internal factors which may affect the performance of Pizza Hut are discussed in Appendix-II and Appendix-III as PESTEL analysis and SWOT analysis respectively. 2.1 Product Pizza Hut Restaurant has a well sorted plan to launch exclusive products to remain prominent from the style of other competitors of UK fast food industry especially in Cambridge. The menu of Pizza Hut will be centered on a variety of dishes that will include a variety of burgers and pizzas, Cheesy Bites, Stuffed Crust, French fries, chips, snacks, and a variety of sauces and salads. The most

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