Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Primary School classroom Essay Example for Free

Primary School classroom Essay These Poets write Honestly about their Experiences. Explore the Memories Expressed in their Poems and consider what Views they are sharing about Growing Up  Carol Ann Duffy expresses her views and gives her true experiences to do with childhood and growing up. She uses a range of techniques in her poems, like similes to emphasize her feelings and emotions and imagery, where she uses metaphors to help create the picture and mood of the atmosphere of each poem. For example, the Primary School classroom. Simon Armitage also writes about everyday experiences, childhood, growing up, changes and regrets. He uses less imagery than Carol Ann Duffy, but in one particular poem Kid, he uses a great more rhyme. They both include experiences towards school life, where Carol Ann Duffy writes about the younger years and Simon Armitage writes about the older years at school. These two poets are similar in some ways, but can be quite different in others. For example, in Duffys Stealing it shares the feelings of a child who steals for no reason and Duffy adds comments from her own experiences. It can make the reader feel quite depressed and sad, whereas in I am very Bothered by Simon Armitage, it is again about a child with regret for something he did at school, but instead of being sad it uses black humour and is more horrible stench of branded skin In Mrs Tilschers Class, Carol Ann Duffy starts with you, which makes it personal and sets the scene travel up the Blue Nile.  She identifies things like Primary School aspects very well with your finger, tracing the route This is a good reminder to what children do when they are little. She creates the picture of the blackboard chalky Pyramids rubbed into dust. This suggests break time and the laugh of a bell swung by a running child creates a jolly, happy time that all the kids look forward to. This gives a comparison between home and school. This was better than home. There are more interesting things to be found at school, like enthralling books, which is obviously what she doesnt have at home.  She uses similes to describe the classroom. The classroom glowed like a sweet shop. This creates the idea of colour that a sweet shop would have.  She tells of a negative memory Brady and Hindley, which faded, like the faint, uneasy smudge of a mistake. School has so many good memories that it is able to make the bad ones disappear. She uses emotion Mrs Tilscher loved you, and alliteration good gold star, which makes the poem flow easier. It also sounds a bit like a childs expression.  A xylophones nonsense gives the impression of tuneless playing, which kids do in Primary School, they dont care about accuracy, just about having fun. It also appeals to the senses by using sounds as well as visual images.

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