Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Concert Response Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Concert Response Paper - Essay Example It was a new and different page for Ryan Montbleau, not only a songwriter but a purely awesome performer. The fan’s thirst for a good performance was well quenched with a set of ten songs with a touch of rock, soul, folk and psychedelic. The performance accommodated Ryan’s first single, â€Å"Pacing like a prince. The rapport of Montbleau and his band members that has come a long way since the establishment of the band and over their many tours was all over the stage. It served as a reunion for the band members and entailed both solo and group performances with Ryan Montbleau as the lead singer and performer. Vocals from old time lyrics were blended by a perfect guitarist to bring love theme on an RnB and blues mood 1. As the album progressed towards the end an all-around texture was brought out creating a sweet-sour feeling from the guitar and vocal performance of ‘Together’. ‘Pacing like a prince’ with the thrilling guitar tunes was an RnB genre and theme which was inspired by the ‘Purple rain’ movie. The arrangement of songs, nine of them being the bands old songs had a perfect flow coating the performance with a multi-faceted texture. The soft rock texture in the music played was attributed to the stimulating guitar plucking by a long experienced guitarist blended with some old-time lyrics 1. The event’s was well chosen with the time and age group. Paradise rock Club was a convenient venue for the performance accommodating the band’s huge fan base. The Club also has a perfect history in live performances. The organization of the show only allowed in a fan base of eighteen years of age and above. This was a morally upright move n venture due to the venue and also the time. The event took place as from 9pm thus welcoming and being considerate to the working generation. The time was perfect for a good emotional and relaxing performance after a long day’s

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