Thursday, August 8, 2019

International Sustainmable Tourism Management Essay

International Sustainmable Tourism Management - Essay Example However, this is not as easy as it sounds when the community is the one to develop tourism and not definite authoritative bodies. Community capital and other relevant resources are the ones that are used thereby bringing many people on board with and without necessary skills. This complicates decision making and entire management of the system. For this endeavour to succeed there is need to have good community organisation and institutional development. Success results into the form of tourism termed as Community Based Tourism (CBT). This paper will highlight various aspects of CBT while trying to evaluate its effectiveness. CBT has been attaining prominence as a formal mode of tourism as time goes by in many nations since its humble beginnings more than four decades ago. Communities back in the villages have been as a result heavily involved in related activities. Tourism in this case has benefited a great deal from this arrangement while the same applies to the communities involved . This has therefore bred mutual dependence where local people have benefited from income generated and tourism from ample knowledge of various attractions (Wangyel 2006). Local people are obligated to provide hospitality and the required cultural interaction to the tourists. Tour operators on the other hand are able to ask for a higher price for the personalised and original service. The local population in this respect is supposed to undergo some training so as to gain knowledge and skills vital in tourism management. Tour companies and authorities are required to offer guidance and marketing strategies necessary to maintain tourism activities. The beauty of this form of relationship between the locals and the tour operators and authorities is that no party has absolute skills or knowledge on tourism. Instead each party has its strengths and capacity to do tourism but it is their collaboration that ensures successful partnership and tourism. Tour companies have the knowledge of ho w to source for tourists while the community has adequate knowledge of tourist attractions. This is a good platform to enhance some level of public-private partnership (PPP). PPP and CBT work towards enhancing community’s welfare by having access to global market while minimising the negative impacts that tourism brings to the society and the environment (Mowforth and Munt 2009). The two also ensure that the community owns tourism processes while people get jobs and management skills. The link between the public and private firms results in either side showcasing its strengths for the benefit of all. It is important to note here that CBT encompasses environmental conservation, social integration and cultural sustainability while increasing the awareness of tourists in regards to the community’s lifestyle. Principles and elements of CBT Before a CBT project is initiated there are a number of issues that have to be looked into for the project not to fail after taking off ; Natural resources The community needs to have a habit of utilising their natural resources in a sustainable manner. Some level of conservation should be evident in the community so as to ensure that tourist attractions remain as they are, if not better. The other element is that the culture of the community has to be unique (McCool and Moisey 2001). Uniqueness here connotes that the local people’

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