Saturday, February 1, 2020

Current Therapy Trends for Specific Phobias and Their Long-term Essay

Current Therapy Trends for Specific Phobias and Their Long-term Effectiveness - Essay Example A simple phobia, which was earlier known as simple phobia is thus a lingering and unreasonable fear that is caused by the presence or thought of a specific object or situation that normally poses little or no real danger. Faced by such an object or situation the response is an immediate reaction that causes the individual to feel severe anxiety that. The consequence is that the individual avoids the specific object or situation. The severe distress caused to the individual interferes with the ability of the individual to function normally. Though adults with specific phobia recognize and understand that the fear they feel is excessive or not given to reason, they find themselves unable to overcome such fears (Specific Phobias). â€Å"Persistent fear of a circumscribed stimulus (object or situation), other than fear of having a panic attack (as in panic disorder) or of humiliation, or embarrassment in certain social situations (as in social phobia). The fear or associated avoidance behavior significantly interferes with the person’s normal routine or with usual social activities or relationships with others, or there is marked distress about having the fear. Specific phobias are of different types and are classified based on the object or situation that causes it. Specific phobias include animal phobias like fear of dogs, snakes, insects, or mice; situational phobias like flying, riding a car, driving, going over bridges or tunnels, or of being in an enclosed space; natural environment phobias like fear of storms, heights, or water; blood-injection-injury phobias like, fear of seeing blood or of invasive medical procedures, such as blood tests or injections, or fear of being injured; other phobias like fear of falling down, fear of loud sounds, or fear of costumed characters, such as clowns. An individual could be affected by one or more specific phobias (Specific Phobias). The U.S.

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