Saturday, July 27, 2019

Organizational Change of Hilton International Term Paper

Organizational Change of Hilton International - Term Paper Example It is very important for the global company staff to communicate with diverse target audience round the clock. When restructuring jobs or refocusing the organization's direction, it is very important for the top management to clarify roles and how they support each other. Role clarification helps raise issues in a neutral manner and avoids confusion when change is in process. Special training problems are introduced for local employees to help them adapt to the new organizational environment (Hilton International 2007). With the help of the Internet, Hilton known for its patchy supply chain and bungling circulation processes will have the possibility to improve efficiency, inventory, audit control and to diminish infrastructure and operation costs by web-enabling their business online. Internet will support the hotel industry to be better equipped to handle business desires, paying attention to clients' needs, competitors and prospective partners (Hilton hits the heights of hotel 200 4), The program must then be implemented, scattered throughout the organization, monitored for effectiveness, and adjusted where necessary. The role of personal attitudes is important because they are not immediately acquired, but learned throughout life. For all people, employees and the manager, some attitudes are central such as religion or cultural norms; whereas others may change with personal experiences. In this case, the manager should take into account individual differences of employees and his personal experience (Hilton International 2007). If he had a negative experience in the past, he could apply the same management style working with other people.Management has to develop the business vision and process objectives. Senior management needs to develop a broad strategic vision, which calls for redesigned business processes. For example, Hilton hotel management looks for breakthroughs to lower costs and accelerate service that would enable the firm to regain its competitive stature in the consumer products industry (Robbins, 2004).

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